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Cutting and Story specializes in personal injury law in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Superior and District Courts, as well as the Massachusetts Federal District Court. We never collect a fee unless we obtain a settlement or trial verdict.  Most often there exists a policy of insurance which covers the damages and injuries caused by your accident. However, Massachusetts insurance companies pay as little as possible for each and every claim brought against any of their insured customers regardless of fault, injury, or how much the policy is worth. At Cutting and Story we make the insurance companies pay. If an insurance company fails to negotiate in good faith, we not only file a lawsuit against the party that caused your injuries, but may file suit against the insurance company as well, pursuant to the Consumer Protection Statute known as Chapter 93A. 

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Premises Liability
(Slip and Fall)

If you have fallen and been injured on another’s property and it is attributed to the negligence of the property owner either by the failure to maintain the premises such as snow and ice, or failure to warn of a dangerous or defective condition on the property causing injury, you may have a claim for personal injuries. 

Car Accidents

If you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident don’t go it alone. There exists an interplay among your insurance company and the other party’s insurance company with respect to medical bills, lost wages, and damages for pain and suffering. The car insurance companies will attempt to provide the smallest amount possible, which is why having experienced attorneys acting on your behalf, is vital.

Bike Accidents

If you have been struck by a vehicle and injured you are entitled to have your medical bills paid and lost wages reimbursed. If you have been injured as the result of an accident you are also entitled compensation for you pain and suffering.

Construction Accidents

If you have been injured on the job and are collecting worker’s compensation, or have settled a worker’s compensation claim you may be entitled to a monetary settlement if there is a party, other than your employer, who may be liable due to their negligence. Contact the offices of Cutting and Story and we will do a preliminary investigation with respect to contractors and sub-contractors on the job site to verify whether additional liability exists.

Dog Bites

If you are the victim of a dog bite you are entitled to compensation. Massachusetts enforces strict liability against dog owners, which means that if the animal bites you, the owner is liable regardless of fault.