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How to Identify Television Law Firm Referral Agencies

You’ve heard and seen the television commercials by seemingly large firms in Massachusetts. These “law firms,” promise to get you money for your injuries. These “law firms,” may practice in other areas of the Country, or they may have once had successful practices in Massachusetts, but they do not currently. These “law firms,” tell you to call anytime, day or night, implying that you can talk to a lawyer no matter what day or time you call. 

These “law firms,” are not what they appear to be, and it’s dishonest.

When you call a T.V. firm you will not get a lawyer.  Instead, when you call you will get an intake specialist. The intake person will take your information and get your story. If you have a case, the matter will then be referred to another law firm in your area that pays the T.V. firm to refer them cases. You never know what you will get. 

If you want to figure out whether you are dealing with one of these referral agencies, look them up on the Internet. If you visit a referral firm website you will find a small number of lawyers listed.  You may find that they have lawyers in other areas of the Country, but only a few here in Massachusetts.  This is a clear sign that you’re dealing with a referral agency. Also, look for the fine print on the television advertisement. The T.V. referral agencies are required to disclose what they really are. Generally, at the end of the commercial, in very small print, you will see a disclaimer indicating that you may be referred to another lawyer. 

Not all lawyers who advertise on television are referral agencies. Some lawyers who advertise on television live up to their advertisements. However, in order to protect yourself you should know how to differentiate between real lawyers and television lawyers by looking them up on the Internet and looking closely at the fine print. Don’t be fooled – know who you’re hiring.