At Cutting and Story, we strive to provide high quality representation and advice to both landlords and tenants. The laws and regulations which govern the rental of residential and commercial property are complex. Failing to comply with these laws can be costly and result in penalties, loss of rights and other consequences. We provide knowledgeable advice and sound counsel to both landlords and tenants alike on a wide variety of legal issues.


From drafting a commercial leases or rental agreements to facilitating the eviction process, at Cutting and Story, we have the resources and expertise needed to advise both commercial and residential landlords and property management companies.For a landlord, regaining possession of a property in a timely manner and having that property protected may be at stake. Making a mistake when evicting a tenant can result in even more lost rental income, possible property damage, and other consequences. At Cutting and Story, we represent landlords and property management companies in actions to remove tenants for nonpayment of rent and breach of lease provisions. We work with our client to ensure all deadlines, notice provisions and other legal requirements in the eviction process are followed to the letter of the law. If you need to evict a tenant, we can help you do it right the first time.

Additionally, we can help you understand and facilitate:

  • Duty to collect, escrow and return security deposits
  • ​Right to make deductions from security deposits for damages to the rental unit
  • Duty to limit collection of advance rent payments​
  • Right to expect prompt payment of rent and compliance with lease terms


At Cutting and Story, we strive to provide tenants with peace of mind. Tenants need to protect their rights when leasing a home, business location, apartment or other property or facing eviction. Tenants facing any litigation from a landlord or property management company deserve an attorney with the drive and dedication needed to fight for his or her rights. We can help make sure all documents are properly handled and presented, along with any other legal filing that needs to be done before litigation. We will thoroughly research your situation and work to gather witness statements or other evidence that may help your case. We will give your case the time and individual attention needed so you know exactly what to expect and what kind of timeline is possible.

We represent tenant clients in multiple areas of law, including:

  • Eviction proceedings
  • Right to reasonable notice by landlord before inspecting or showing the premises
  • Right to a safe living environment which complies with the Massachusetts State Sanitary Code
  • Right to withhold rent for landlord's failure to make repairs or correct housing code violations
  • Right to obtain rental housing without discrimination based on sex, age, gender, race, disability or other protected class